Learn Jupyter Notebooks for Beginners (English)

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Duration 1 h 24 m 16 s

Learn Jupyter Notebooks for Beginners (English)

About Course

The Jupyter Notebook Crash Course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the powerful Jupyter Notebook environment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, this course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively leverage Jupyter Notebook for data analysis, visualization, and interactive computing.

Throughout this course, you will embark on a hands-on journey, exploring the core features, functionalities, and best practices of Jupyter Notebook. You will learn how to create, edit, and organize Jupyter Notebook documents, and gain proficiency in executing and documenting code, which will help you in manipulating data and presenting your findings

In this course you will learn:

What are Jupyter Notebooks

How to Install Jupyter Notebooks

How to use Jupyter Notebooks in their projects

How to run Python Codes in Jupyter Notebooks

How to add Images in Jupyter Notebooks

How to add Videos in Jupyter Notebooks

What is Replit

How to Register to Replit

How to run your Python codes on Replit

What is Google Colab

How to run your Python codes on Google Colab

What is Anaconda Distribution

How to Install  Anaconda Distribution

Learn the Basics of Markdown and use it in Jupyter Notebooks


By the end of this crash course, you will have a solid foundation in Jupyter Notebook, enabling you to efficiently explore, analyze, and visualize data, create interactive presentations, and collaborate effectively with others. Whether you're a data scientist, researcher, analyst, or developer, the skills acquired in this course will prove invaluable in your professional endeavors.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to Learn Jupyter Notebooks
  • Anyone who wants to run their codes on Jupyter Notebooks
  • Anyone who wants to Learn Data Science and wants to use Jupyter Notebooks
  • Anyone who wants to document his code using Jupyter Notebooks

Course content

videoWelcome to the Course3 m 31 s
videoKindly Rate the Course1 m 10 s
videoGet to know your instructor1 m 14 s
videoInstalling Anaconda Distribution6 m 40 s
videoGoogle Collaboratory Overview9 m 46 s
videoReplit Overview3 m 34 s
videoWhat is Jupyter Notebook2 m 57 s
videoOpening Jupyter Notebook6 m 58 s
videoEdit-Command-mode2 m 31 s
videoAutocomplete7 m 15 s
videoMenus Overview10 m 13 s
videoWhat is Markdown53 s
videoMarkdown: Headings3 m 38 s
videoMarkdown: Blockquotes2 m 18 s
videoMarkdown: Math Symbols2 m 19 s
videoMarkdown: Line Break1 m 6 s
videoMarkdown: Bold Text1 m 45 s
videoMarkdown: Italic Text1 m 48 s
videoMarkdown: Horizontal line59 s
videoMarkdown: Ordered list59 s
videoMarkdown: Unordered list1 m 34 s
videoMarkdown: Internal Link4 m 13 s
videoMarkdown: External Link1 m 47 s
videoMarkdown: Adding Image3 m 25 s
videoMarkdown: Adding Video1 m 43 s
Fahad Masood Reda

Fahad Masood Reda

Educator and Mentor

Course Instructor


Hi! My name is Fahad Masood Reda, an MIS (Management Information Systems) and Data Science Mentor and a life coach, from Saudi Arabia. I hold a BSc in MIS and a master's in Computer Information systems in the field of Data Science from King Abdulaziz University. In 2008 I started mentoring MIS students locally and in 2014 I started my blog(TheMIS)so I can reach more people, Now I mentor and teach in the field of MIS and Data Science and WordPress Globally via meetups and Online webinars, and my blog and YouTube Channel, I'm passionate about helping other people achieve their potential through all aspects of their life. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from your career to your personal goals, I'm constantly creating new courses both on my own academy and on Udemy so let me know if there's a thing you'd like to see in particular. Currently offering Data Science and MIS and Self Development-related courses

Thanks for reading and enjoy the learning journey!

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أ/فهد مسعود رضا هو مدرس في مجال علم البيانات ومرشد نظم المعلومات الإدارية

ساعد العديد من الطلاب في فهم مفاهيم علم البيانات منذ عام 2016 ، وتوجيه مئات الطلاب في مجال نظم المعلومات الإدارية عبر موقعه الإلكتروني وقنوات التواصل الاجتماعي ، وهو حاصل على درجة البكالوريوس في مجال نظم المعلومات الإدارية ودرجة الماجستير في نظم المعلومات الحاسوبية (رسالة ماجستير في مجال علم البيانات) ، و ووردبريس ماستر لأكثر من 8 سنوات ويعمل حاليًا كمستشار في مجال الأعمال التجارية عبر الإنترنت والتعليم عبر الإنترنت.

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