Introduction to Data Science for Complete Beginners

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Duration 1 h 46 m 39 s

Introduction to Data Science for Complete Beginners

About Course

Data science and machine learning is one of the hottest fields in the market and has a bright future

In the past ten years, many courses have appeared that explains the field in a more practical way than in theory

During my experience in counseling and mentoring, I faced many obstacles, the most important of which was the existence of educational gaps for the learner, and most of the gaps were in the theoretical field.

To fill this gap, I made this course, Thank God, this course helped many students to properly understand the field of data science.

If you have no idea what the field of data science is and are looking for a very quick introduction to data science, this course will help you become familiar with and understand some of the main concepts underlying data science.

If you are an expert in the field of data science, then attending this course will give you a general overview of the field

This short course will lay a strong foundation for understanding the most important concepts taught in advanced data science courses, and this course will be very suitable if you do not have any idea about the field of data science and want to start learning data science from scratch

Course content

videoCourse PromoFree
video📝 Course OutlineFree
video👋 About the Instructor
video✨What is Data Science?5 m 20 s
video🤖 AI vs ML vs DL vs DS6 m 14 s
video💻 Traditional Programming VS Machine Learning9 m 59 s
video🤖 Supervised VS Unsupervised Learning8 m 50 s
video🤖Supervised Learning6 m 57 s
video💡 Examples of Supervised Learning7 m 24 s
video🤖 Unsupervised Learning8 m 15 s
video💡 Examples of Unsupervised Learning9 m 34 s
video⚙️ Data Science Application2 m 25 s
video📖 Machine Learning Terminologies in Details-Part 14 m 56 s
video📖 Machine Learning Terminologies in Details-Part 24 m 46 s
video✨ Data Science Workflow-Part 14 m 38 s
video✨ Data Science Workflow-Part 22 m 50 s
video🚀 Data Sources and Data Types1 m 57 s
video💡 DS vs DA vs MLE vs DE11 m 48 s
video💡 Skills Needed to become Data Scientist4 m 8 s
video📖 How to study data science (Last Video)6 m 38 s
Fahad Masood Reda

Fahad Masood Reda

Educator and Mentor

Course Instructor


Hi! My name is Fahad Masood Reda, an MIS (Management Information Systems) and Data Science Mentor and a life coach, from Saudi Arabia. I hold a BSc in MIS and a master's in Computer Information systems in the field of Data Science from King Abdulaziz University. In 2008 I started mentoring MIS students locally and in 2014 I started my blog(TheMIS)so I can reach more people, Now I mentor and teach in the field of MIS and Data Science and WordPress Globally via meetups and Online webinars, and my blog and YouTube Channel, I'm passionate about helping other people achieve their potential through all aspects of their life. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from your career to your personal goals, I'm constantly creating new courses both on my own academy and on Udemy so let me know if there's a thing you'd like to see in particular. Currently offering Data Science and MIS and Self Development-related courses

Thanks for reading and enjoy the learning journey!

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أ/فهد مسعود رضا هو مدرس في مجال علم البيانات ومرشد نظم المعلومات الإدارية

ساعد العديد من الطلاب في فهم مفاهيم علم البيانات منذ عام 2016 ، وتوجيه مئات الطلاب في مجال نظم المعلومات الإدارية عبر موقعه الإلكتروني وقنوات التواصل الاجتماعي ، وهو حاصل على درجة البكالوريوس في مجال نظم المعلومات الإدارية ودرجة الماجستير في نظم المعلومات الحاسوبية (رسالة ماجستير في مجال علم البيانات) ، و ووردبريس ماستر لأكثر من 8 سنوات ويعمل حاليًا كمستشار في مجال الأعمال التجارية عبر الإنترنت والتعليم عبر الإنترنت.

(4 Reviews)
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